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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Seven News on Maria Korp

I shouldn't be surprised that Seven News Australia leaves a gaping hole in their report on Maria Korp's impending dehydration and starvation as decided by her so-called legal guardian. Yet here I am, surprised and utterly disappointed. Note that the story says nothing about the fact that Mrs. Korp's family was never consulted. Never mind too that there were no details about how her condition is deteriorating. In what way is she deteriorating? I find that odd considering the trend so far. In Feburary, she got out of intensive care. By May, she could breathe unaided. That sounds awfully like recovery. Furthermore, Seven News also failed to see the big story that should be told about medical protocols that are not being followed here. There's this blog by the PurpleKangaroo which highlights a few things. For example, more recent standards from 2003 require six to twelve months of monitoring before making a diagnosis of permanent vegetative state (PVS). Then there are those open problems in accuracy and certainty (or lack thereof) when making a diagnosis of PVS. These are all revealing angles that make the whole story more compelling for the public to be aware of. Inexplicably, Seven News missed them. Oh, and yes, please insert the recommendation by Mrs. Korp's treatment team somewhere in the middle where people will least notice it. After all, they recommend palliative care, not dehydration.

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