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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is That Your Church?

Mark Shea talks about a misguided parish that is innovating itself away from the vine. If your parish appears to be following in the same footsteps, be afraid. Be very afraid. And do something about it, starting with prayer. Remember that this is not just your personal beliefs at stake. Your children's faith, and that of the other parishioners' children. Woe unto us if we neglect these scandals that cause our little ones to stumble and fall.


Moneybags said...

Very true. I love my parish and it's great, but someone I was talking to from another state said they were taught the Immaculate Conception dealt with Jesus's birth not Mary's birth. I think we should all strive to be in better unity with the holy Church. After all, "Catholic" does mean "universal".

I like your blog too. I also have a Catholic blog. Check it out here if you would like.


Jeff Tan said...

That sort of confusion is sometimes just a case of bad formation/catechism -- which means a catechist who hasn't done his/her homework. They're scary to be in charge alright, but there's greater hope for them than those in open dissent concerning things like same sex marriage and abortion, for example. Still, one or the other, they need our prayers and, if we happen to know them, some charitable correction.

Thanks for dropping by!

Jeffrey said...

I am familiar with "Saint Joan of Arc" parish. In fact, I use a write-up about it from the "Religion" section of one of the Twin Cities' news papers to illustrate the concept of "neocongregationalism" when I give talks about Vatican II.

"Saint Joan of Arc" shows us the logical conclusion of so-called "liberal" thinking. I have no doubt that the parish will die some day, because it does not offer anything real. It's sad, but it's great to have living proof of the emptiness of secularized ecclesiology.

See my blog at http://faith-matters.blogspot.com. We Catholic bloggers need to support each other! God bless!