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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Absentee Parenting, Anyone?

Blogger Diogenes shares this thoughtful review written by F. Carolyn Graglia on Mary Eberstadt's book, Home Alone America. I am reluctant to shake a finger at absentee parents because I am a working parent myself and my wife currently stays home. I know how much she wants to go back to work but we have also thought hard about various factors that led to the decision for her to stay home for now. I can, however, definitely express gratitude for her sacrifice, and I will try to express that to her everyday (though I fail miserably far too often) for my children while they are not yet wise enough to express that same sentiment. And for those parents of children who are left alone without their parents for most of the day outside of school, this is not cause for guilt or blame-throwing. This is simply an invitation to re-assess the situation.

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