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Friday, July 15, 2005

I found the following comment from the comment boxes of The Curt Jester on his blog about Freedom in the Church which reacts to Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's words following Christoph Cardinal Schönborn's letter on evolution. There is a thorny issue with neo-Darwinism concerning origins. My understanding is that neo-Darwinism's evolution explains the process but does not suitably explain how it all began. I think this comment hits it on the head with a laugh in the end:
 Try this. "What came first: DNA polymerase or DNA?" The enzyme called DNA polymerase links nucleotides together (the four bases: A, C, G, T). But enzymes are proteins, made by a ribosome out of amino acids. (Ribosomes are made of many smaller molecules. Living cells contain thousands of them. You can actually see them in a good microscope.) The ribosome does its work from a template, called messenger RNA - like DNA but with a U instead of T. The messenger RNA comes from the DNA master code, which contains the master blueprint - the sequence of A, C, G, T which "spell out" the amino acids in the right order to make the polymerase (and all other parts of the cell. Human DNA has about 3 billion bases. So you need, at one and the same time, the code to build the machine and the machine to read the code. Or you do not have life. But there is a funnier answer, which sends the question back to where it belongs... A biologist happily went into a church, and called out, "I know how life works!" God called from the tabernacle: "Oh? You figured it out, did you?" "Yes," the biologist said. "I don't need You at all." "Really?" came the surprised voice, "I am, er, rather curious how you managed that." "I did it in the lab," he replied. "First I take some dust..." "Oh, no," laughed God, "That's not fair. That's My dust - I made it. You want to make life, you get your own dust."
DoctorThursday clarifies, however, that the joke in his comment above was heard from someone else, perhaps from a book. The DNA discussion, moreover, is serious and can be verified with references.

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