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Friday, July 29, 2005

Now He Says It, But..

The Australian reports that Mr. Julian Gardner, legal guardian of Maria Korp, has referred to her "injuries that are preventing her body from absorbing the food and using it in the way that Terri Schiavo's body could to sustain her." There. He has said it. What they're doing, withholding food and water through the feeding tube, would not be justifiable otherwise. The Archbishop of Melbourne had clarified the position of the Church that food and water are not to be withheld unless it is no longer being absorbed, especially in terminal illnesses. And yet how can Mr. Gardner have also said that feeding Mrs. Korp prolongs her dying if what he now says is true to begin with? For food to actually prolong one's life, it has to have been absorbed and done some benefit, right?


Mike said...

Jeff, you are so right. If it was no longer nourishing her, why would the same article describe his decision as "the decision to end her life"? Why would he have had to sit down with her and tell her what he was about to do? I can't really accept what he says until he clarifies those points.

Mike said...

One other thing - why would a public advocate be involved in the decision, if what he says is true? This is very suspicious.