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Thursday, July 28, 2005

CWN: Sydney Archdiocese to Fund Adult Stem Cell Research

According to this report, Cardinal George Pell is offering $100,000 (AUD). Why does an archdiocese have to shell out this kind of money? Two reasons I can think of: First, funding for such research is minute compared to funding being made available to embryonic stem cell research. Second, because adult stem cells have been successfully used on human subjects 56 cases so far. Yep, they work. On the other hand, what's the score for embryonic stem cells? As far as I'm aware: a big fat zero. So why do they spend so much money and propaganda for embryonic stem cell research? I can offer two possible reasons as well: First, emrbyonic stem cell research attracts more funding for various reasons, e.g., it has novelty and it has wealthy backers. Second, abandoning embryonic stem cell research will be a major blow dealt to the pro-abortion groups who do not consider embryos to be human beings, even as it hands a major victory to the Catholic Church and other groups who believe otherwise. Way to go, Cardinal Pell.

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