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Thursday, October 22, 2009

God is Inviting Us to be Parents Again

And what can we say about our fourth one due in May? Fiat voluntas tua. My sons asked me if I preferred another boy or a girl this time, and I fall back to the fiat again. A daughter sounds great, but who am I to haggle?

Atheists might see this as a clear example of blind faith. I just call it being pragmatic: it isn't as if I can do anything about it anyway. :-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baffling secularist comments

In one article in The Australian today, someone from the Sex Party (I kid thee not, that's what they call themselves) seem to have said the following:

  • radical religious groups -- not quoted, this appears to be in reference to a pastor-led Christian group, perhaps because the pastor had used the words like "witchcraft", "spells" and "black mass" someplace
  • "9% of the Australian public who claim to be committed weekly worshippers" -- I wonder where this statistic comes from?
  • "We are a secular society increasingly being run by religious agendas." -- an amusing statement because it is false, although many today probably think that the chronology is true

Friday, October 09, 2009

New site on prayer

A friend of mine has just launched a website that is all about prayer: God Answers Prayers. Please sample what it has to offer. I've only scanned it quickly thus far, and it looks very good.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Blogging around

Pretty much within a week, Ketsana devastates the Philippines and Vietnam, then a tsunami crashes into Samoa, then earthquakes shatter several Indonesian regions. So much destruction, with prayers and real aid in much need.

What an interesting study reported by The Australian: Climate change pinned chiefly on rich world. Here's a quote: “The study concludes that spending billions of dollars of aid on contraception in the developing world will not benefit the climate because poor countries have such low emissions. It says Britain and other Western countries should instead focus on reducing consumption of goods, services and energy among their own populations.

From MercatorNet, Parents wonder if cancer jabs are worth the risk. While there are reports that the recent death shows no conclusive evidence of being caused by the jab, I find the reaction from the vaccine advocates quite revealing: “Even if the girl’s death proves to be a consequence of the vaccination, and it is still a big ‘if’, only one death would be prevented for every 500,000 girls who decided not to be vaccinated – albeit at the cost of 700 deaths to cervical cancer.” After all, there is an alternative to this vaccine that is 100% effective while risking zero chemical side effects, i.e., abstinence or faithful relations as against promiscuity. That it doesn't seem to be an option in the minds of these people is also revealing. Such contempt for the human intellect, will and self-control!