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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mandatory Inclusion of Queer Issues in Canadian Schools

Angry in the Great White North has this blog about a worrying case of making it mandatory for children to be taught about queer issues in school. Now that Canada has enshrined same-sex marriages (SSMs) in their laws, it becomes quite logical for the tribunal to hear this case. Ruling in favor of the petition is quite possible. When it happens, how do parents deal with this? What if they sincerely believe that this is a sensitive issue? What if parents want to reserve the right to decide when and how their children learn about such issues? What if it so happens that the family's faith disagrees with what the curriculum will say about homosexuality? This is where some people can contradict themselves. On one hand, they will say that individuals have the right to abort their offspring, that parents hold the most basic power over their offspring: life or death. On the other hand, as in the case above, they now say that parents should not have the final say concerning the education of their children. As a parent, my worries are (1) at what age they will require this; and (2) what they will teach our children. Will they start at kindergartens? Will they encourage adolescents to engage in sex, whether homosexual or heterosexual? If the couple pushing this case get their way, parents will have very little to say about that.

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