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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Question of (Theological) Truth

Jeffrey is trying to understand. In that first of two (so far) parts, I found this gem:
 "This led historically to such disparate theological views that many people began to wonder if theological truth was possible to know at all."
Recently, I blogged about the dispersal of Christians resulting from the Schism and the Protestant Reformation. That statement I quote is interesting because ambiguity goes hand in hand with relativism. I've read more than one atheist or agnostic dismiss the gospel because it looks contradictory or ambiguous to them. The Holy Spirit does not give up on them, but when the Spirit elicits in them a thirst for Christ, they'd have to be a bit taken aback at the multitude of cities built on top of separate hills. Then they have to ask in bewilderment: "in which of these cities is Christ calling me?" Think about that the next time you celebrate the congregational contradiction of contradictory Protestant denominations. Catholics should think about that before they cheer on the dissidents and cafeteria Catholics who freely discard Catholic dogmas to suit their individual preferences.

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