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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Last Night My Son Asked Me..

.. about bad angels. He was saying something about listening to his good angel and not the bad angel. Then he asked me if the bad angels can become good. I know they won't, referring to Lucifer and his fellow rebels, but is it a good idea to tell my kids about the Devil and other fallen angels so soon? He's only five. Never mind his younger brothers.I don't even know where he picked up the idea of bad angels. I just told him to ask his good angel to tell the bad angel to leave him alone, in case he's getting bad advice. I just answered his question by saying that "that would be nice" (if the bad angel turns good). Then thoughts of relativism and the secular tendency to deny the existence of evil and the Devil popped into my head. Hmm... a new idea just popped into my head. I think I shall revisit Adam and Eve with my son and talk a bit about what the serpent did.

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