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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What Bothers Me About Reality TV Competitions

The one thing that bothers me about reality TV competitions is how deception and manipulation become so prominently part of logical strategy. These are games where people are often forced into such actions in order to remain competitive. I can picture viewers coming away with what they think is a lesson in the game of life. It rationalizes the bad choices that people sometimes make that leave shattered trust and broken consciences in their wake. Tonight I saw probably the 5th episode of that show that I've seen since it started maybe 3 years ago. I saw one contestant giving way, sacrificing a chance to remain competitive, aparently for the sake of friendship with the other competitors. That gives me comfort. On the other hand, it's the other players that I'm worried about, especially the ones who feel forced into betraying trusts. That they gave in bad enough, but what makes it worse is when they tell themselves, and are told by their family and friends, that their actions were justified. That it was all in the game. It also reminds me of Rev 13:16-17. I know, I know, you might say it's paranoia, but it's also a parallel. I pray that I will not be brought to such a test.

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