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Friday, May 20, 2005

But David Brooks Makes His Case

I don't want to be guilty of being myopic. While I thought that David Brooks had missed a point, he did make a good case: extremism is indeed the bigger problem and extremist agendas are truly cause for alarm. Read David's excerpt from a speech given on Palestinian TV. I suppose the need for responsible journalism, in the light of riots and deaths resulting from Newsweek's blunder recently, is a practical point. Knowing how volatile the situation is, yes, we do have to prudently walk on eggshells. Not as a principle, not because we don't have freedom of speech, but because, until extremist violence becomes less of a threat, the potential for terrorists to use anything to justify terrorism cannot be ignored. You don't run away from a fight that you didn't start, when so much is at stake, but you don't whip up the opposition into a frenzy either.

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