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Monday, May 16, 2005

A Lesson in Sacraments

Why did Jesus need to use mud to heal that blind man in John 9? We know he can heal him with a mere thought. He's healed people from a distance, like the servant of that centurion. Dr. D'Ambrosio explains that God does not hold physical matter to be beneath Him. God made us from dust, after all, and He made the physical world, and He said that it was good. Scripture is filled with stories of how God uses physical matter, like lamb's blood, water, oil, and most of all, the human body, in which He became man and through which He defeated sin and death and saves us. So before you dismiss Catholic sacraments as mere superstition that is unscriptural, think again. It is entirely in Scripture where the continuing relationship between God and the physical universe is related.

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