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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Vitamin B-16 and Alpha+Omega for Spiritual Health

Jeff Miller is funny. Before you object, there is no claim that the Pope is the Alpha and Omega. That would be ridiculous indeed. However, he is the pope, whose primary function it is to serve the servants of Jesus Christ, who IS the Alpha and Omega. He's the true food from Heaven that we need, and B-16 is one among a multitude of others sent by the Lord to call and to serve in his name. Hmm.. here's an idea for a teaser: "B-16 helps the body (of Christ) absorb Alph and Omega (who is Jesus Christ) by protecting against harmful toxins (heresies) found in many substances that YOU are exposed to each day, e.g., MSM (mainstream media) and HM (hate music)." Just wish it could be as funny as Jeff Miller's. Then again, he's not the Curt Jester for nothing!

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