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Monday, May 16, 2005

Pentecost and Tongues of Fire

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. Fr. Paddy talked about the tongues of fire that came down to the Blessed Mother and the disciples of the Lord in the upper room. Those tongues of fire manifested how the Lord pours out His Spirit upon men and women in the last days, and they would prophesy, speak in tongues, cast out demons, and dispense the power of God as the Spirit directs them. Fr. Paddy touched on another meaning for those tongues of fire: such should the tongues of Christians be, fiery words to speak words of the gospel. Fiery words from hearts full of fire, overriding anxiety and fear. Fiery with love, fiery with hope, and fiery with faith. Somewhere out there is someone who needs to hear from your tongues of fire. Someone whose heart may be broken. Who knows what would happen if we withhold such words that might make a difference?

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