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Friday, March 18, 2005

Terri's Fight: the Eleventh Hour Comes

Terri is running out of time. Friday March 18, 2005 is when Terri's feeding tubes are to be removed by court order. She is not dying, she is not in a coma. They claim that she is in a persistent vegetative state without having undergone in-depth tests. She is awake and aware -- her videos show this clearly. There are many testimonies from doctors, nurses and caretakers that she can swallow unaided and that she can speak a little. Doctors also believe that she can be taught to speak better. But for 15 years, no treatment for her has ever been allowed by her husband. On this day, they will simply stop giving her food and water. They will starve her to death. Why? Because her husband claims that this is what she would have wanted, without any written proof -- and the courts believe him. There are serious testimonies and evidence that she was a physically abused spouse, and that her present injuries were possibly caused by strangulation and an attempt at insulin overdose. The courts consistenty threw out the evidence and the witness statements. Her husband remains her legal guardian. The judge has conflicts of interest, having ties with the hospice she's in. Her husband's lawyer was the chairman of the board for that hospice when they moved her in. Her husband allegedly set up a fake insurance company -- perhaps to profit from her death? He's also supposed to inherit what remains of a $1 million award from a malpractice lawsuit years ago. He lives with someone else, and they have kids. He remains her legal guardian. Terri's parents have repeatedly begged her husband and the courts to give them custody. They were offering to take none of her money, giving them instead to her husband. They just want to save her life. Her husband remains her legal guardian. Several witnesses, under oath, paint a picture of her husband as a man with a terrible temper. He's supposedly attacked her brother, with his hand around her brother's neck, and her sister. A deposition reports that he's stalked another girlfriend, one he had after Terri's hospitalization, one who had to be forced by the courts to give testimony, for fear from this man. A state expert witness, a psychiatrist, has attested that this man fits the profile of an abusive spouse. The courts have thrown out these testimonies, and he remains Terri's legal guardian. Time is running out. Please keep Terri in your prayers. Follow the progress of Terri's fight at BlogsforTerri

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