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Friday, March 11, 2005

A Challenge on Homosexuality

Stephen Bennett sends out this call for Catholics to confront homosexuality and speak out in faithful love for the truth and for those who embrace homosexuality. Stephen used to live in that homosexual "lifestyle" himself, so his voice carries a weight that I can't duplicate. My own take on openly gay people have been somewhat simple: the evidence suggests that the life of an openly homosexual man or woman leads to so much heartache and misery that it cannot be a viable lifestyle choice. Such individuals bear a heavy cross. I wouldn't presume to know how heavy the cross of their homosexuality is. I've always harbored no small anger about certain lies perpetuated about homosexuality that have led the youth astray, lies that have limited their choices. For example, the born gay argument is overused and has been disproven time and again. How awful to think about how many individuals have embraced the homosexual lifestyle because the born gay argument convinced them that there is no choice but to be gay. Likewise, those lies about the happiness that is as available to children raised by gay parents as to children raised with a father and a mother. This is performing social experiments with children! Both overused arguments have persisted for years despite questionable logic, questionable research and despite solid scientific evidence to the contrary. I'd have to agree with Mr. Bennett here and say that it is time for plain speaking.

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