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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Beyond Terri's Fight

There's this amazing story about a woman and her story about how her brother lives today because of Terri's story. The short of it is that doctors at a teaching hospital recommended giving up on her brother and she almost fell for it, but following Terri's story on the news gave her renewed resolve to keep him alive. Three months later, he's well enough to go home. He's not off medication, but he's got a fairly normal life, i.e., he can go shopping. It's amazing because it took anger, as a reaction to Terri's story, to firm up her resolve to keep her brother alive. This anger was crucial: she relates: "If I hadn't been seething for weeks over the attempted murder of Terry Schiavo, my brother would now be ashes." That's a short hop between life and death, eh? The woman also makes this excellent case for going slow to give up on someone's life: "We can always kill him later; we can't resurrect him." So why all the rush to end lives?

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