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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

IVF Issues

I've always accepted that the Catholic Church had good reasons for objecting to IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) procedures for couples having trouble conceiving. This is the first time that I've found out why:
 .. there is a massive loss of life associated with the procedures since for every child born through the procedure some 10-25 embryonic children are either killed or frozen indefinitely. The bishops noted that if 15,000 children were born through the procedure in Croatia, "then we should seriously think about the fate of 285,000 brothers and sisters who died, killed or frozen."
That's from the Catholic Bishops of Croatia in a new brochure aimed at educating the faithful about IVF. I personally know someone who was in this situation and actually did try IVF at least twice in six years. The procedures were expensive and they didn't work. Finally she and her husband moved overseas and conceived within a year. I also know another couple that didn't use IVF but also moved overseas after a few fruitless years back home. They also conceived within a year of moving overseas. I don't know if the overseas move was at the point when they resigned themselves to God's providence, but it sure worked. Now I'm feeling guilty that I didn't get to tell that someone who went for IVF procedures about what it is wrong. This is one of those cases where, yes, I didn't know the issues myself, but, no, I'm not invinsibly ignorant and therefore I'm not faultless. Not in this day and age of the Internet where most if not all relevant Church documents in just about everything is freely accessible. Well, I didn't find out about the IVF after they had the procedures, but I'm not comfortable saying that this lets me off the hook. Now I know, and I'll continue to educate myself. In case another couple I know tries IVF and I find out about it beforehand, I'll be ready.


Ron said...

You never stop learning!

Jeff Tan said...

Heh.. that's an understatement. 5 years a parent (3 kids) and I don't think I'm that far behind my kids in learning backlogs. There's always something I don't know that I ought to!