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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Still Lives -- Why?

Terri has so far survived 12 days without food and water. Oh they're feeding her morphine and other pain relievers to hide the painfully obvious implications of dying from starvation and dehydration, but if she's survived this long, doesn't that imply that she must have been in excellent health to begin with? You'd expect someone on "artificial life support" as mainstream media report these days to die almost immediately after removing the artificial life support, don't you? Well, Terri's survived 12 days without food and water so far -- maybe she wasn't dying after all. After all, she's survived worse. She's survived 2 previous starvation attempts by court order. She's survived despite claims that her brain's been damaged beyond repair 15 years ago. She's survived an uninvestigated attempt at insulin overdose -- recorded in a police complaint and affidavit by the registered nurse who discovered the insulin vial, used syringe and Terri's near-hypoglycemic state one day. She's survived the original head injuries of a blow on her head or being dropped on her head WHILE in the first 28 days of her hospitalization in 1990. Boy she's pretty tough, isn't she? Oh and she's survived despite having had no therapy since 1993 as per the orders of Michael Schiavo, her husband. To have survived for so long despite all the odds, I wonder how long it will be before this thought catches up with people: maybe she wasn't dying after all. And if she's not dying, apart from wondering why she was in hospice for several years, perhaps they'll also ask what we've been asking from the very beginning: why did her husband deny her therapy since 1993?

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