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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Terri Schiavo: Victim of a Conspiracy?

Developments on Terri's fight for life as related at BlogsForTerri are getting stranger by the day. This post relates that Terri finds herself in a hospice now because she was secretly relocated there in March 2000 "without court order and without notifying her parents." George Felos, counsel for Terri's husband Michael, just happens to be chairman of the board of directors in that hospice! Oh, and it so happens that the US federal government was at that time trying to recover nearly $15 million from the corporation behind the hospice for Medicare payments that shouldn't have been made to them. How come? Because the payments were for patients that were claimed to be terminally ill but in fact were not. Further to these oddities, the medical order to place Terri in hospice was fraudulent, it wasn't signed by Terri's attending physician and there hasn't been any medical tests conducted that should be the first recourse to determine the need for hospice care or lack thereof. Read the full story on the Empire Journal website. It just gets more outrageous as the days go by.

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