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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Saintly intercessions from Pope John Paul II?

At least this nun believes so, but what I find most educational about this is the essence of intercessory prayers that we offer up for one another in the communion of saints. It is expressed very well in the nun's own words:

"What the Lord has granted me to live through the intercession of John Paul II is a great mystery, difficult to explain with words ... but nothing is impossible for God."

It always comes back to our loving God. Catholics never claim that we have power of our own that makes prayers for one another effective. The power and the glory are God's, but like a loving Father, he chooses to share the work with his children, allowing them to also share in the pleasure of loving all his children. I would think that giving saints a share in the work of divine healing is no more astounding than giving them a share in the work of divine teaching. As for praying to "dead" saints, objecting to that is to forget that the Lord is the God of the living, not the dead. If the cloud of witnesses are of saints who share in the life of Christ, then is it even possible to believe that Christ withheld his promise that they would never die?

Incidentally, some nasty bug has been doing the rounds at my household lately, two of my kids having had fever last night. I'll be sure to ask for the intercession of our favorite saints tonight.

And you? What about it? Care to pray for my kids, too? That would be much appreciated.

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