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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Condoning murder

This is too bizarre for words. Those who collude with abortion may argue about which trimester or week of the nine months the embryo or fetus becomes a human being with basic human rights. In the mind of Tammy Skinner, and others like her, it's crystal clear. It is either the unborn has no rights until born, or those rights exist from the very first moment.

Let's make it simple: the only difference between the unborn and those already born is whether they are in the womb or outside it. At the very moment of conception, it is not a fertilized egg: it is a conceptus, something conceived. An egg cell has 23 chromosomes, like the sperm cell, but the conceptus has 46. It has 46, just like any human being. Nor is it a lump of the mother's tissue, since their DNA are distinct from one another. Furthermore, the DNA of the conceptus will be the DNA of the fetus, infant, toddler and adult that the conceptus will one day be.

If allowed to live.

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