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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Sacred Feminine (no, really)

I'd forgotten about Flores de Mayo, a celebration of the Blessed Mother during the month of May that may still be popular back home in the Philippines and elsewhere. I remember the flowers, the processions and the festive mood, which I'd witnessed a few times in my childhood. Imagine that, we celebrate the truly sacred feminine: the Blessed Mother. So sacred and so divine that we call her the Holy Mother, Holy Mary, Queen of angels, Queen of Patriarchs -- the litany of praises is quite long. The Church has the audacity to claim that this woman, out of all of humanity, may rightfully claim the highest honorific that a mere mortal may ever be given: Mother of God -- the theotokos or "God-bearer". Can you believe it? A woman!

And Dan Brown fans parrot the claim that the Church despises women! What makes it even more ironic is that one of the things you can count on with Opus Dei is their deep devotion to Our Lady.

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