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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Steve Ray on the Crucifix

How fortunate that I found Steve Ray blogging about the crucifix, given that he is one of my favorite apologist/writers and has studied this and many other issues better than I. Please have a look!


Venerable Aussie said...

Now that's a coincidence for us way down here in Melbourne! I was talking with my kids about the crucifix on the way to school on Tuesday morning and found Steve Ray's post on the Crucifix that night! It was a great read and clarified much. And now you blog on it! Spooky! BTW I discovered Jummy Akin about a month ago and have downloaded heaps of his Catholic Answers Live shows since from Catholic.com. Now if only we could get something going here...

Jeff Tan said...

That would be nice. The closest we got might be when Sherry Weddell (former Baptist) from the St. Catherine of Siena Institute in the US ran the Called and Gifted Workshop last year. That was an excellent experience, although I could only afford the short workshop, not the intensive one that followed. Good news is that they are still running that course over at the Catholic Adult Education Centre near the Catholic Theological College. I think Clara Geoghegan is running that now.

The next closest was when Mark Shea visited New Zealand in 2003. Then I think Adelaide and Sydney October last year. Darn it, he missed Melbourne!