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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reviving the Fiction of Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson

Just like Dr. Phil Blosser, I was recently invited by Michael D. Greaney, Director of Research for the Center for Economic and Social Justice, to look at what they're up to. Unfortunately, I am too far from the action to get involved in a project to revive the fiction of Msgr. Benson, but he suggests looking instead at their project to rebuild the areas affected by Katrina and Rita. Nevertheless, interested readers should take a look at that project concerning Msgr. Benson's fiction. Based on what little I'd read so far, I can assure you that his writing is very good. I invite you also to look at the only complete manuscript I've read of Msgr. Benson so far: his confessions concerning his conversion from being Anglican to Catholic.

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