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Monday, September 12, 2005

Lest I Forget .. Lead me to Calvary!

Protestants in general seem to be put off that Catholics are so much into crucifixes: in our churches, at home and even around our necks. Patty Bonds tells us why.


L P Cruz said...

Can not help but comment, Jeff...

Prots in general do not object to having a cross or Christian emblem.

What Prots are uncomfortable about is the veneration of the crucifix. The bowing down to it, the kissing of the feet of "Jesus", the adorning and adoration of it, the symbol becomes the reality. When the symbol becomes a reality in the heart which is not prescribed by scripture, it is considered idolatry. Statues are not bad but when they are worshipped and adored or adorned too, this is interpreted as idolatry.

The point is that for prots the real Jesus is now alive no longer hanging on the cross and now stands as our High Priest. He is accessed by faith.
The prots in general cleave to the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice. They object to any paraphernalias because it is a distraction from the gospel and will lead people astray.

Jeff Tan said...

From a personal perspective at least, I have lived around crucifixes all my life, and some of the most tender moments in my journey of faith were when I was moved to kiss my crucifix (bought from my local Opus Dei center back in college) from sheer contrition at my many, many faults. Which never seem to end! I have not yet found myself worshipping my crucifix, and I doubt that anyone who does have a crucifix has actually done so. For when they pray in front of the crucifix, or touch its foot, or kiss it, or embrace it in earnest, they have but one name in their lips: Jesus! They are not addressing the crucifix, but Christ!

It is not what comes in that defiles us, but what comes out of our hearts. Whom are we worshipping in our hearts?

As for being distracted from the gospel, I find that odd since we do preach a Christ crucified. Faith begins with repentance, and repentance without the cross of Christ seems to me to be impossible.