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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Traditions of Christianity

Interesting post from a non-Catholic entitled "Tradition, Traditions and Controversy". In it, the blogger observes:

  "..equally true of the Calvinist segment. For us, the Bible is clear about those passages about predestination and providence, and human free will takes its place in that context. Our Sola Scriptura and theirs is the same, but our traditions lead to different conclusions. There is a sense, I think, that those of us who have moved from one persuasion to the other find ourselves not so much reading the Bible and realizing we were wrong all this time, but rather find that another tradition gives us the tools to understand parts of the Bible that were enigmatic to us."

But then the problem is by no means trivial. For if he speaks of traditions in understanding Scripture, what then is the basis for discerning which tradition is correct?

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