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Monday, July 30, 2007

Over at other blogs: John Stott; Vatican II

Just noting down goings on at other blogs, on two unrelated topics. Intentional Disciples reports on the last public address by Dr. John Stott, the most widely respected Evangelical preacher/writer today, it seems. I've only looked at a few of his writings and they are very good. His last public speech, Dr. Stott shares his insights about Christ-likeness being "the will of God for the people of God." In my days with the La Sallian Campus Ministry, being Christ-like and Christ-centered was the common theme (and so we had one week every year to celebrate this message).

And Darwin Catholic muses on Vatican II based on his reading of Frank Sheed. Vatican II was not necessarily either of what extremes in the Church claim it to be (or have been).

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