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Friday, September 22, 2006

St. Matthew's Feast (Sept 21)

Today, the Church celebrated the feast of St. Matthew: apostle and evangelist. At Mass earlier, the homily touched upon what St. Matthew might have been thinking when he was willing to reveal that he was a tax collector, counted amongst the most sinful in Judea at that time. And perhaps the intention was to encourage us, sinners alike, to hope in the mercy of Christ. The Lord knocks at the doors of our hearts everyday, inviting us to follow Him at every turn down the journey of life. Today I realized that I had not, for the longest time, rebuked myself for an uncharitable thought -- and I have had many; several in the course of a day. Each is a misstep, and I fall away from Christ a little each time.

You will show me the paths of life, the fullness of joy before your face, and delights at your right hand until the end of time. [Psalm 15(16).]

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