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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shoddy journalism, reaction without verification, and Papa Benedict XVI's remarks

Amy Welborn has enough to clarify what he really said, so I'd rather not drag it all here. The moment mainstream media got it all wrong (deliberately shoddy, if not deliberately malicious), we sort of knew what we were in for. Outrage without carefully studying what the Pope really said. Fr. Khalil Samir puts things in perspective, as reported here by Amy. I think we can all do with a dose of criticism, since none of us are perfect. Catholics should have no problem being criticized for the tragic consequences of the Crusades, which were supposed to be rescue missions to liberate captives and restore their lands which were conquered by the sword. We don't have a problem being criticized for the consequences of the clerical sexual abuse and episcopal coverups, none of which should have happened at all. Tell us where we're wrong, it will hurt us deeply, but that can only make us better -- from the moment we accept our errors and resolve to make amends. We can do no less but to point out how wrong suicide bombers are who claim to be doing Muslm work by violence. Even Muslims are aware of that.

Mark makes a further point that there's something wrong with this outrage at something which the Holy Father is saying, which I sum up like this: there's something wrong with a faith that must be ruled by the sword. And they're disagreeing with that?

Update: The Anchoress speaks clearly. Jimmy Akin points out this outrageous contradiction by an outraged Muslim: ""Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence." Oh.. and the way Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam spoke the words "Mulsims", "tolerance", "Jews" and "Spain" together in the same thought is.. remarkable -- given the history between Spain and Islam.

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