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Monday, September 04, 2006

Another betrayal of hope

As Mark puts it: "regarding creation as synonymous with sin." It's the same case when many Evangelicals object to the Real Presence of Christ -- body, blood, soul and divinity -- in the Eucharist. It is one thing to object to the Real Presence due to biblical evidence (which doesn't really square with that objection). It is quite another to cite that the dogma is "hocus pocus" -- i.e., something incredible. It doesn't make sense to proclaim one's faith in the Almighty God and say, on the other hand, that it looks and tastes like bread and must therefore be no more than bread. Nor does it make sense to view the physical matter of bread with contempt and say "Christ would never stoop so low" -- are we not referring to God who became Man, subjected himself to every indignity all the way to Calvary?

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