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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Benefit for Jazz Music, Washington DC, Sept. 14

This is late, and there are few visitors to this site, but just in case, there is a Jazz benefit tomorrow ($25 entry) for the Traditional Jazz Educators Network (TJEN) here at Washington DC tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 14). Activities of this group include scholarships and the promotion of jazz music to young people. It will be at 1440 16th Avenue NW, on the Penthouse, from 5 pm. This is the headquarters of the American Federation of Jazz Societies, I believe. It's a shame that I won't be going, myself, as I'm flying out tomorrow for Chicago.

They also have a conference afterwards from Sept 15, Friday 9 am until Sept. 16, Saturday noon, same place. The registration for the confefence is not free, but we're not sure how much it is. The conference agenda is in their website, and will focus on (of course) making more people, particularly young people, educated about Jazz music. Their website is at http://www.afjs.org/, for those who might be interested to see what else they've got on.

For those who can help out: thanks!

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