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Saturday, April 09, 2011

For good works

I'm okay, you're okay, we're okay? No, no, and no. Okay is not enough. Something mentioned in a forum I attended last night was the problem that many Catholics had, which would apply in or outside of Australia: we think that we're only called to be nice. No, nice is not enough. We need to be good -- holy -- so that we are more fit for every good work. Something I'd learned from the Called and Gifted Workshop run by Sherry Weddell in Melbourne (some years ago) was that our charisms, gifts from the Holy Spirit, are given to us for the sake of other people. We are graced so that we may be instrumental in God's graciousness to all. This adds meaning to the significance of our sanctification (and cooperating in it). How? By living holy, prayerful lives, we are made better instruments of God's grace to others. Therefore, it is urgent that we grow in holiness, knowledge, wisdom, faith, hope, love, and all the charisms bestowed upon us. We are not set apart just to be nice, nor in order to enjoy a peaceful, prosperous life. We were purchased at a great price! We are called and gifted in order to serve. And because God has lavished us so abundantly, we ought to serve well.

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