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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The mind of a Baptist blogger

I've run afoul of this blogger before, and it's really hard to understand his mindset. I gather from his commenting rules (and the way he's enforced it and/or waved it at me a few times now that nothing is up for debate. He knows what he knows and he's not out here to reason with people. He'll say his piece and you take it or leave it. It's alien to my way of thinking about evangelizing. I'm not quite into entertaining new ideas to make my own. I do know what I know but I don't know what the person I talk to knows. I am interested in what makes them stand outside instead of coming inside the body of Christ. Knowing that much about them can only help me help them get over what's stopping them. I believe in dialogue, and first of all, non-Christians (and non-Catholics) that I might dialogue with deserve the utmost respect as human beings. That they believe in God in some form is a plus. I believe in taking things from what truths they believe in, e.g., the sanctity of human life, the existence of a God who loves us, as the foundation for hearing the Gospel. It is entirely up to the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts, but the preaching will go better if there is a common language, common experiences and common notions that we can build upon.

For Rand the Baptist.. dialogue will not work because he won't let it begin. He does not wish to correspond nor to discuss anything. His mind and heart are closed. He knows what he knows. There is no testing the spirits for him. Only prayer can reach him.

I just wish he knew what he was talking about when he talks about anything Catholic. He attacks Catholics with his misinformed knowledge and experiences, and there is no defense allowed the hapless Catholic. As I told him before, it is like this: from inside his house, he shoots at Catholics outside. When confronted, he retorts that they have no right to complain because his activities are done within the sanctity of his own home. And there is no dissuading him about this injustice.

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