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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The blog is dry

But is it drying up? I don't know. My fervent prayer is that nothing in this blog comes from me, but from the Holy Spirit. I've also had a strategy at the back of my mind from ages ago that I needn't really say anything original, only things already said (and better!) by others, e.g., from the Bible, Church Fathers, our dearest saints, the Church in her official decrees, as well as today's most talented bloggers and writers. I've had plans for this blog from the beginning, but I've rarely engaged the topic of Christian unity. It is either that I get easily distracted by other issues, in which case, as Og Mandino once warned in the God Memorandum, I was everywhere and went nowhere, or I am a coward. I hate confrontation, but ironically, it was a Baptist who was bludgeoning me with prooftexts and brimstone who told me that I'd have to step on toes in the process of saying something of significance.

It's been two years, and quo vadis, Jeff?

Who knows? For now, I'm just blogged out because work, family, the new house, the garden, a possible job change.. LIFE is becoming overwhelming, even as it continues to be more enjoyable and wondrous.

In the meantime, however, I strongly recommend my favorite blogs in my blogroll. Mark Shea, Amy Welborn, Jimmy Akin and Jeff Miller are my favorites.

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