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Sunday, July 23, 2006

What if Jesus...

.. were bishop of Amarillo, what would He do? That's the question asked by the pastoral message from Bishop John W. Yanta of Amarillo. Isn't this exactly what every Christian leader should ask themselves? After all, Christ is the source of all authority, as He is the Truth, and pastoring the faithful must have Christ at its foundation. So what happens when people find their teaching too hard? Some reflexively reject the teaching as being outdated or misapplied. Others dilligently look for loopholes and re-interpretations of Christ's words to suit their preferences. What we should really do in such situations is, first of all, to accept the possibility that we could be wrong, even in our deepest convictions, simply because Christ is the Truth -- and we can't expect to find it easy to say "yes" to all of that Truth. But it begins by recognizing that we do not know everything, which is also the best way to begin any journey of learning.

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