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Monday, March 13, 2006

Last Gasp or..?

Sigh. An apparent mixup between the what it is to be children of God whose image is Jesus Christ and what it is to be citizens of a democratically governed state. Too many people still think they can cast God in their own image, perhaps because they lack sufficient hope that the healing they long for really does need God's supernatural grace. Are they perhaps now thinking that God's image doesn't suit man?

If they're saying that AIDS prevention requires condom promotion rather than the very effective chastity/abstinence/fidelity approaches of Uganda and the Philippines, then they may have lost hope in the ability of men and women to exercise reason and self-control. If they are saying that enabling the faithful to receive the Eucharist requires general absolution (prior confession not required), then they may have lost hope in the humility that men and women can exercise, apart from nullifying the call of the Gospels to confess our sins to one another.

Esperanza! Spes! Hope! Can't go without hope! Well I suppose it's something that they've gone to the Magisterium with their gripes..


Venerable Aussie said...

What are we to make of all these stunts? How easy and cowardly it is to get a whole bunch of people together to sign a letter denouncing the very institution, founded by Christ, which sustains them and commissions them!

You probably receive this by email already, but Michael Cook (who is at Drummond in Carlton) has just written about the "Gang of 55":


Jeff Tan said...

Thanks for that link, Venerable. In fact, I haven't read about the Gang of 55 until your link. My one reaction is "Oh PLEASE."

They call it intransigence, we call it integrity, or calling a spade a spade. If Bill Clinton is their model, then they're being consistent. This is the guy who hedged on his testimony because "it depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is".


Venerable Aussie said...

Sorry, I don't want to turn this into a "check this link out" opportunity, but I thought you would be very interested in this:


Jeff Tan said...

Heh.. thanks for that link about La Presidenta. I've always had mixed impressions about her. Her apparently firm convictions about contraception and abortion have always been reassuring. On the other hand, there are these questions about her integrity ..