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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Ransom Fully Paid

"He himself will redeem Israel from all its transgressions." -- Psalms 129 (130) A friend of mine still cannot reconcile how our Lord and Savior is Himself God. Owing to a past among the Jehovah's Witnesses, he cannot accept that the necessity of the Incarnation, that God would take on flesh, be true God and true Man, and fully pay for our ransom in his dolorous passion and death. It just occured to me that it can be considered how our salvation is not complete without a full payment for the wages of sin. And that is why it had to be God Himself who would redeem us from all our transgressions by paying the price in full. The wages of sin is death. That must be paid, but it cannot be paid by a mere mortal. It must be paid by God Himself because anyone less cannot pay the wages fully. Death in the context of sin's wages is not mere physical death but a disconnection from God. So while dying is the currency, there is a matter of quantity. Consider the gap between man and God. Without a bridge between them, the measure of that gap is infinity. To rebuild that bridge requires infinity. Who else is infinite but God? Whose death will have an infinite significance if not the one and only infinite being -- God? So can the ransom be paid by an angel of God? A being that is God-like but not God Himself? No. Is there any reality that perfectly matches infinity? Only infinity itself. Only God.

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