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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Of Widows and Orphans

Why does the Old Testament say so much about widows and orphans? One of the indications of the people of God turning away from Him is in how they might neglect their widows and orphans, i.e., the most vulnerable among them. Perhaps it has something to do with hope. I read this article today about the plight of the Catholic youth living in poverty back home in the Philippines. You don't have to be rich to enter into a Christ-centered life, but it sure helps if you are at least eating three meals a day, have a place to call home and a source of income, education for the kids -- in short, if there is reason to hope. I can only imagine how incredibly difficult it would be to see the silver lining behind the gloomy clouds of poverty. To be a homeless or hungry widow or orphan can only be at the worst of human misery. They need a fair prospect for the future. Who will clean up this mess? Maybe all it takes is inspiration and generosity.

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