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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Quo Vadis?

Update: I deeply regret the tone and presumptuousness of the post below.

The other evening I witnessed first hand how the Church is poisoned from within, as I sat dumbfounded at times while a religious education teacher taught falsehood in preparing children for Confirmation. This explains how we got here, and a few thoughts came to mind later.

1. Teachers of Catholic religious education should have more than teaching degrees and theology courses. They must be committed to daily Liturgy of the Hours. They must be faithful in orthodoxy. Ex corde ecclesiae!

2. Our priests and nuns should pull out of politics. It is not in lobbying, but in the education of our young that they can change the world. That has been neglected, and so we are in this mess.

3. Teaching is where I should consider my ministry, because this is where the Church is bleeding, infected, and exposing its members to poison.

4. It is high time we stop being quiet and politically correct. Problems will not go away without naming and addressing them head on. We do not serve our neighbor by affirming them in or abandoning them to their poison.

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