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Monday, July 27, 2015

Mea culpa on religious education

I must apologize for hasty words below on Catholic education. I am tempted to delete them but that would be dishonest and cowardly. It is perhaps best to leave them as a reminder of my pride and folly.

To be clear, yes, religious education is far from ideal, but like parenting, most of us do our best with limited resources, including me. We have the best intentions but we always fall short. We also fall into pride and think we can do better than others, and while being better than ourselves is always a good goal, judging ourselves above others, as I have done, is always a doomed exercise. As the records show, my judgment was laced with poison.

I have much to learn, and perhaps these matters are best kept between my spiritual director and myself. To all whom I had offended, please accept my apologies. To any who agreed with me in any way, keep the good intentions but throw away the pride, as I should have done before I had published that post. If I could rewrite the past, I should have brought up these concerns as questions, clarifications, and at most, suggestions. I may have had good points to make, but I made them very badly.

And here is a blogging resolution: never blog or send email in an anxious state. Prayer first, always.

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