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Sunday, October 13, 2013

There is a battle going on..

I know Pope Francis has seemed horribly off the cuff lately, resulting in a lot of consternation from orrhodox Catholics, but I guess I'm not so fussed when I'm already in skeptic mode -- skeptical of what mainstream media claim he says. And of course it is worrying when he seems vague or ambiguous enough to be misunderstood by those still new or immature in the faith, but I think we're at this point in history where being uninitiated in the faith is no longer easily excusable. In this age of massive online literacy, who can claim ignorance in the faith? The Catechism is online. The Bible is online. Catholic Answers is online. EWTN is onlne. Father Z, jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, Mark Shea, Scott Hahn -- heck, your bishop is online. Even the saintly departed like Bishop Fulton Sheen, Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, Blessed Pope John Paul II, and many of our saints are online. "Do not be naive.. There is a battle .. where salvation is at play.." Every Christian must be ready, forearmed with knowledge of the ways of the Enemy and of The Way.

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