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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The 99 lost sheep

Phil Lawler writes the above as the key to understanding Pope Francis who stirs things up even for orthodox Catholics. His interview with America magazine seems to suggest a leniency on certain doctrines, but, perhaps like Mr. Lawler, I see a stronger emphasis on mercy, but in no way is it giving up on justice. I think it's a chronological order that makes more sense when the lost 99 sheep are no longer engaged in dialogue. Mercy before justice sounds right: justice built on the foundation of mercy and grace.

Personally, God's hand has been on me over the last few years, starting with MenAlive, which puts things in that order. I had to know what I'd been told time and again (but wasn't listening), that God loves me and grants me his mercy. This gets my attention so I'm able to listen. It gives me hope so I can rouse up, and gives me confidence so I may act. It also fills me with knowledge of his grace, so I can gratefully give back and pass it on.

This sounds like what the Holy Spirit is stirring up through Pope Francis. Sounds like Good News to me!

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