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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Baptism of Jesus at the Jordan: a declaration of love, and a work permit

Today's homily at our parish, by our former parish priest from a few years ago, was electrifying. First, God declares to all the world that this is his beloved son, with whom his favor rests. The same declaration should ring in our hearts, so to speak, when we remember that we, too, were baptized, and likewise with such love declared, for we become adopted in Christ. Second, as with this beginning of Jesus' public ministry, we too are commissioned to public ministry: "citizens of the world" as Father Paddy put it, not that we are of the world, but here we are in the world, sons and daughters of God the Most High. As St. Paul writes to Titus, we are God's own people with no ambition other than to do good. As I reflected on this today at Mass, it came to my mind as it has before while singing a hymn: I am not called to sing loud, nor to sing like a pro. I am called to sing, along with everyone else. I am called to do good, and I know I am gifted by God to do good: nothing earth-shaking -- just in the mundane, in my ordinary life, with extraordinary grace (from God).

May you who read this be graced with such an awareness of your own baptism: you are God's child in Christ, beloved, with whom his favor rests.

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