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Saturday, December 25, 2010

In pursuit of the perfect Christmas

At the family Christmas vigil a few hours ago, Fr. Michael told us the story of what was to be a perfect Christmas Mass set up by a new parish priest. But there was a mishap involving the children playing Mary and Joseph, and the doll they were carrying to the manger. Despite the priest's consternation, all was well that ended better, for the following day, the sight of the doll in the manger, patched up of its bruising here and there (from the mishap with the hard floor surface), elicited serious reflection from mothers, fathers and children, who realized that they were broken here and there, too. And the fact that God was made flesh, got cut up and seriously bruised along the way to the perfect moment of redemption, was incredible in its simple statement of Hope. Even his beginnings were less than perfect, born as he was in a manger -- the King of Kings!

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