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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jason Evert on Why Women Can't be Ordained Priests

His explanations are well worth reading. My own take is based on an observation: today's push to ordain women comes from arguments which, to me, sound contrary to the spirit of mission that Christ imparted. The arguments tend to be rather demanding, many times aggressive, speaking of rights and privileges, and their personal desire to be ordained. Ordination is.. ordination. It comes from God's initiative to anoint. It may well be the case that God does not oppose the idea of women as priests, but that he hasn't actually done so while he was here in the flesh.. is significant.

I also believe that we are all called and gifted in different ways. One of the differences may lie along the lines of our gender. Whatever it may be, our individual missions will be affected by our circumstances. I think our Heavenly Father would be much more interested in our willingness and diligence to serve and to love than the particular vocation we are in. We must never forget this truism in our relationship with God: He takes the initiative. Everything comes from Him and hopefully orients towards Him -- not primarily towards our own self-fulfillment.

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