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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Honesty is the best policy

So I have no problems with Tony Abbott as others seem to when he gave straight answers to straightforward questions -- in an interview. Instead, I have a problem with politicians who duck for cover under the I-don't-tell-you-what's-right-and-wrong, or that's-really-old-fashioned. I also have a problem with politicians attacking another politician for imposing his views when answering questions in an interview, but that's an obvious point anyway. My point is that I like my leaders forthcoming about what they think. Guts and integrity beats patronizing and chickening out in my book, and I actually expect my leaders to be capable of original thought.

And I must confess being amused at the naysayers who take issue with Abbott's opinion that virginity is a precious -- sacred -- gift. They end up saying more than they might intend to, I think. In in objecting to that opinion .. well, they reveal a disturbing attitude towards virginity, and by implication, sex.

Now if they could just imagine themselves verbalizing that attitude in front of their mothers, sisters and daughters, they might actually come around and realize that Abbott is right.