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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Victorial Upper House starts debate on cloning

Right to Life Australia (Marcel White) invites us all to voice our opposition to the cloning bill.

We are only a few votes away from the 20 needed to defeat this despicable legislation.

Can you please ring the offices of some of the KEY UPPER HOUSE MPs listed below, and urge them to vote against the cloning bill. If we can get a handful of them to vote our way, we may be able to gain a great victory for pro-life movement. The culture of death through cloning won by ONE SINGLE VOTE in the Federal parliament. It could be that close today and tomorrow.

Let's defeat the cloning bill.

Key MPs to contact:

Justin Madden (Western Metro) 9637-8087
Richard Dalla Riva (Eastern Metro) 9853-3955
Brian Tee (Eastern Metro) 9850-8600
Andrea Coote (Southern Metro) 9681-9555
Phillip Davis (Eastern Victoria) 5143-1038
Johan Scheffer (Eastern Victoria) 9751 2200
Matt Viney (Eastern Victoria) 9651-8911 (temporary number only)
Gordon Rich Phillips (South Eastern Metro) 9794-7667
David Koch (Western Victoria) 5572-3377

There are reasons aplenty to oppose cloning and embryonic stem cell research. We are all called to witness to the truth.

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