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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I wonder what would happen..

.. if a non-Catholic Christian were to become steeped in real Catholicism. I'm talking about the orthodox/faithful kind, not those apparently spawned by the touchy-feely 60s and 70s variety of Catholicism where RCIA was all about "oh we don't do that anymore" or "oh that's not really so important"..

Take prayer, for example. When I use the Divine Office (also known as Liturgy of the Hours), it still amazes me how Catholic it is -- and how it turns anti-Catholic rhetoric on its head. It also turns liberal Catholicism on its head, I think. I attend morning prayer as much as I can at my parish, and it is a wonderful feeling to start the day praising God. It's also a fast-track Scripture reading for me, easily covering 4 Psalms and a New Testament reading. Plus the ancient hymns from the first millenium. If we could just all start our days this way -- !

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